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I cannot thank you enough for your help, speedy response and amazing service. Not only do you supply product and very fast, but you make sure your customer is treated like no other. You were never rude, or impatient you put up with so many of my questions and silly (in my opinion) emails and never once lost hope in a customer! My keys arrived in to the UK today, faster than some of the UK based companies could even deliver or have delivered to me. Your support is EVEN BETTER than the manufacturer themselves, when I asked for help from ACER, they asked me to send the “whole laptop in and a single key could not be fixed, you need to change the keyboard”. I was working on an URGENT dissertation and some very time sensitive not to mention confidential reports, of which if I chose to send back to the manufacturer would have to remove the HDD etc. So much time would have been lost! In summary: Would not hesitate to recommend you to ANYONE, ANYWHERE located in the WORLD!, like I said, thank you again and your whole team are a credit to what companies should be run like! 5 STAR, Speedy response, great customer care, careful and very helpful an example to all Companies Worldwide! End to end a real pleasure, from searching for my key to delivery and fitting myself (using their videos) and I am no tech guy myself, but just clicked and worked! P.S I am now pressing my PRNT SCRN key with no problems at all!! :) Hope to use you guys again for the right reasons, I hope! :) - Ash

Laptop Keys: LaptopKeys.com provides replacement keys for laptops. Place an order on our website for your specific key type and it will be shipped within 24 hours. When purchasing a key from LaptopKeys.com, you will receive a complete key kit: the key cap, cup, retainer clips, and a video installation guide.

Hinges: All key caps on the keyboards have hinges underneath which can also be called retainer clips. Hinges are two or more plastic pieces that go underneath the key cap. When searching for your required key on LaptopKeys.com begin by searching for your laptop brand and model number. Then, select the image of the hinge type that looks the same as your original key's hinge. It is important to identify the correct type of hinges for your keyboard. Even though the keyboards look identical on the outside the hinges beneath the keys are not the same and are not interchangeable. Many keyboard manufacturers produce more than one hinge type for the same model keyboard.

Laptop Keyboard Key Repair: You don't have to replace your whole keyboard because you have a broken or missing key. LaptopKeys.com gives you the option to purchase individual key kits to fix your laptop keyboard. laptop technicians have been known to charge upwards of $95 to replace your laptop keyboard. You can know get it done for under $5!

Free Video Installation Guides: LaptopKeys offers free video installation guides to help you repair your broken laptop keys. Click on Installation Guides link located on the top menu bar, select your Laptop Brand, Series, Model Number, and then select the image of key hinge that matches your keyboard.  Click on the video, watch and learn how to install your laptop keys conveniently.  Our step by step instructional videos demonstrates how to install your replacement keys in a simple fashion.  LaptopKeys.com also have a blog section where it talks extensively on how to repair your laptop keys with video and tutorials.

About LaptopKey.com: LaptopKeys is the fast and reliable source to replace your broken keyboard keys. We sell replacement keyboard keys for these brands and more:  Acer Laptop Keys, Alienware Keyboard Keys, Apple Keyboard Keys, Asus Laptop Key, Clevo, Compaq Keyboard Keys, Dell Keyboard Keys, eMachines Laptop Keyboard KeyFujitsu Lifebook Laptop Keyboard Key, Gateway Laptop Key, HP Pavilion Laptop Keys, IBM Thinkpad Keyboard KeysLenovo Laptop Keys, Sony Vaio Laptop Keys, Toshiba Satellite laptops keyboard Keys. Our most popular brand is Dell Laptop Keys. We are located in Sunny Los Angeles, California. We can be reached any time at [email protected]. LaptopKeys has thousands of Keyboard Models and millions of Replacement Keyboard Keys in stock ready to ship. If there is a key that you cannot find on our website, please contact us and we will ad it to our inventory for you. LaptopKeys ships keyboard keys to any part of the world and also provides same day delivery service within USA.